Finding the Self beyond the light

Dark retreats have been used by a variety of spiritual traditions throughout the centuries as a higher-level practice. The aspirant enters a room specially prepared to admit absolutely no light and spends a number of days under this sensory deprivation in order to bring about a profound shift of consciousness.
Research has shown that a biochemical reaction in the brain is causing extraordinary molecules like DMT to be synthesized which trigger altered states of perception allowing for accelerated evolution towards the Revelation of the Self and a Consciousness of Oneness. Grand Master of the Tao Mantak Chia is offering extensive background information on his website.

Our darkness retreat room is located outside the village in a quiet house with optimal conditions. It offers a specially designed ventilation system, a simple shower and toilet and a double door system for food supply. We recommend a raw diet and water or milk as prescribed traditionally in India, but most individual diet requests can be accommodated.

We suggest starting with 3 days, yet often aspirants return for retreats of seven, ten or fourteen days as effects are accumulative.

Prices start from US$ 100 for 3 days including all meals.