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Please note that retreating in the dark is an advanced practice that is not to be approached lightly. It is important to enter the retreat in a moment of stable body-mind and with an established mindfulness practice. We recommend to start with a few days, but ultimately it is up to you for how long you would like to retreat.


Location: between Florence & Pisa, at a sanctuary deep in the chestnut forests of Tuscany.


  1. Metta Bhavana (‘Loving kindness‘) is meant for retreats of 7+ days and can also accommodate a couple (double mattress, 35 sqm, hot shower).
  2. Upekkha (‘Equanimity‘) is meant for retreats of up to 7 days (single mattress, 20 sqm, no shower)

From our years of experience, we highly recommend to plan a day or two of Integration after your Dark Retreat journey to allow your system to adapt and process the experience.

Packages Metta Bhavana Room

7 nights Dark Retreat + one night Integration: €860

10 nights Dark Retreat + 2 nights Integration: €1295

14 nights Dark Retreat + 2 nights Integration: €1725

21 nights Dark Retreat + 3 nights Integration: €2590

Please inquire for longer retreats, there is a discount available.

Packages Upekkha Room

3 nights Dark Retreat + one night Integration: €394

5 nights Dark Retreat + one night Integration: €590

7 nights Dark Retreat + one night Integration: €790

All above rates include two vegan meals per day (+dinner on arrival day & breakfast on departure day), drinking water, weekly cleaning & change of linens, as well as on-demand counseling and complimentary pick up / drop off at the nearest train station. For Integration nights you will be offered one of our beautiful in-house private rooms.

Available meal options include vegan, gluten free, raw, smoothies and always come with herbal infusions from our garden.

Entry is between 6 pm and 10 pm, exit between 5 am and 9 am. Extra days for integration at the Sanctuary might be available on request as a personal retreat depending on our event schedule.

*If you have already studied or done retreats with us, we are happy to offer you a special discount, please inquire. 



The Space holder & Care taker for your dark retreat journey will be Arpita Kshama Devi, an experienced yogini, meditator & mindfulness teacher of many years. Find out more about her HERE.

For our GROUP DARK RETREATS, Yoga & Tantra offerings see LoveEvolveAwaken.com.

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    Booking & Cancellation:

    A non-refundable advance payment in full is required at the time of booking as canceled retreat periods are notoriously hard to re-book due to intricacy of scheduling. In case of changes of dates we do offer a reduced rate of 50% until two months before the starting date of your original retreat.

    If you can provide a replacement person for your canceled retreat, we are happy to accommodate such changes without charge.